Bending switchable smart glass in shower rooms

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Bending switchable smart glass in shower rooms

Application: Stars hotel shower room

Switchable smart glass shower room applications: Smart switchable glass has both transparent and privacy-protecting function, it could re-connect the separate space instantly, remaining the space interaction and consistency, besides, space beautifying and layering are available as well.

In most of time, switchable smart glass usually is in flat panel, but some special shape like bending, circle, etc irregular design is also available as within our production scope.

In this project, OYPDLC bending switchable glass is used in part of whole shower room, this could not only remain the integrality of the normal shower room shape but also with the privacy protecting function. Moreover, switchable smart glass is waterproof, safety problem is no need to be consideration during the operation & usage. We could say: this is the perfect combination for function and practicability.

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