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Package of Smart film, Packing of Smart glass

Package of Smart film, Packing of Smart glass from

  • Switchable Smart Film, smart PDLC film

*Non adhesive: For glass laminating with EVA Film

The Non adhesive Smart Film is to be laminated with EVA film/PVB film in laminating oven.

*Self-adhesive: For sticking directly to existing glass

The Smart Film is self adhesive, can past to existing glass directly, no need to replace the existing glass.

Package for Smart film:

1- Pack the smart film to the paper roll

Smart film pack in roll

2- Put the packed roll smart film into a carton box, then Seal the carton box, ready for sending by Express.

Smart film roll put in carton

smart film carton box


*If you are not experienced, it’s better to let us assemble the electronic connector(busbar) for you.

*To protect the smart film, we suggest shipping by air or by express, like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, etc.

*The weight of smart film for shipping will be calculated by Dimensional Weight, because the package is light, but bigger in dimension.

  • Switchable Smart glass

*Switchable Smart glass is a kind of laminated glass, laminated with Non adhesive smart film. It’s a finished customized product which can easy install, similar to ordinary glass installation.

Packing of the switchable smart glass:

-Smart glass packing with wooden case

Inteligent glass packing with wood case

Switchable glass packing with wood case

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