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Project Description

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Non-adhesive smart film is designed to sandwich laminating between glass in order to make smart glass product, it’s EVA film lamination process.

  • Material to smart glass, not the end product.
  • Necessary experience in glass lamination.
  • Mainly for factory client, not the end user.
  • The lead time within 5 work days.

Smart PDLC Switchable Film (Smart Film) which is made of two layers of transparent conductive coating films sandwiched with polymer dispersed liquid crystal material. It is also called Smart Glass Film, Switchable Smart Film, Privacy Glass Film, PDLC Film, Magic Glass Film, Electronic Film etc.

Pdlc Smart Film Structure & Mechanism

By applying or removing electric field to drive the liquid crystal molecules in an aligned or disordered array, Smart PDLC film can realize transparent or opaque effect.

This outstanding electro-optical characteristic enables it to a wide range of application in commercial entertainment, aviation and maritime, rail transportation, store windows and other critical national facilities, sites and so on.

Transparency Changes With Voltage Linearly:

The smart film transparency will change, when you dim control its voltage, closer to 0V voltage, it will more opaque; And when more close to Rated voltage(70V), it will more clear transparent.

To laminate Smart Film into smart glass:

To well protect the PDLC film and let it the long time to work, especially in an environment with much moisture, we suggest the customer use non-adhesive smart film to be sandwich laminated between 2 layers glass.

Choosing to purchase our lamination smart film and have a local glass company to create the final products (smart glass). This method cuts down on shipping costs and potential loss due to breakage vs purchasing our finished glass when a dealer is not nearby.

Product Details:

Place of Origin:Guangzhou, China
Certification:Chinese CCC, GB9962-1999
Model Number:Lamination smart film

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Packaging Details:Carton Box and paper roll
Delivery Time:5 work days
Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, cash


Optical ParametersVisible Light TransmittanceOn>76%
Parallel Light TransmittanceOn>66
View AngleOn130°
Electric ParametersOperating VoltageOn48V/60V/70V AC
Saturation VoltageOn<32V
Response TimeOff-On<200ms
Power ConsumptionOn<6W/M²
Physical ParametersThickness0.5 mm
Max. Size1800*35000mm
Adhesion to glass and silicone20g/mm
Adhesion to SPF50g/mm
Environmental ParametersOperating Temperature–10°C – 65°C
Storage Temperature–20°C – 80°C
Shelf LifeOn>10 years
Switch Times>80Million
Switchable Smart Glass can be applied to Office, Hotel, KTV, Residence, Car, Shopping mall, Hospital, Projection application, etc