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Project Description


The switchable smart glass is the end product after lamination with PDLC smart film, no matter end user or factory, you can install it directly like ordinary glass.

  • Intelligent glass, opaque or clear at you command.
  • Secure, safety glass and dimmable glass.
  • Most stable can apply to the complicated environment.
  • Lead time about 12 work days.

The switchable smart glass is a laminated glass product consisting of a PDLC smart film sandwiched between two layers of glass. The PDLC film is what allows you to change the glass from opaque to transparent(or dim anywhere in between).

We provide complete Switchable smart glass already with bus-bar, customers just directly install to where they wanted. Switchable smart glass has a longer life than Self-adhesive smart film since the PDLC smart film is well protected by glass on both sides. Our switchable smart glass is laminated with tempered glass, finished product more security and safety.


  • Transparent switchable smart glass.
  • Anti-UV: smart glass can block over 90% ultraviolet radiation.
  • Soundproof: Smart glass can decrease the noise level reach 35dB.
  • Security: Smart glass will not hurt people if it were broken because the broken glass shards still stick on the PDLC film.
  • Customized smart glass is available.

Product Details:

Place of Origin:Guangzhou, China
Certification:Chinese CCC, GB9962-1999
Model Number:Switchable smart glass

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Packaging Details:Wooden case package
Delivery Time:12 work days
Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, cash


Optical PropertiesVisible Light TransmissionON>80%
Visual AngleON150°
UV BlockingOFF/ON>99%
Electrical PropertiesOperating VoltageON60VAC
FrequenciesON50 to 60Hz
Response TimeON==>OFF10ms
Power ConsumptionON5W/m2/hr
SpecificationDurable Temperature-30°C to 100°C
Life Time>50000hr
Switchable Smart Glass can be applied to Office, Hotel, KTV, Residence, Car, Shopping mall, Hospital, Projection application, etc