Why packing way for switchable smart film will increase the shipping freight?

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Why packing way for switchable smart film will increase the shipping freight?

Recently, some of the clients are complaining about the high shipping freight of smart film sending by express like DHL, TNT, UPS etc. Indeed, the shipping freight are higher, but we need to know the safety packing way for smart film/privacy film/switchable film(same including self-adhesive smart film and non adhesive lamination smart film). See the pictures below for the easy damage of the smart film by folding:

From the above we could clearly see the white patches caused by folding with finger. The white patches damage are permanent and could not be fixed. Because the smart film is soft and with weak adhesion for the crystal layer , so when we carry or delivery the smart film, strictly prohibit to press or fold it, otherwise the permanent damage is unavoidable, that means we need a safety packing way during delivery as below:

Because of the stable safety packing way, the packing parcel becomes bulk cargo when delivery by air or by express, means: the goods’ volume weight is larger than the actual weight(light but large in dimensions)

Let us explain some nouns below:

Volume weight: by air or by express delivery, the shipping company will measure the outer size(W*L*H) of the parcel then calculate with fixed value 0.005 or 0.006.

Actual weight: the original real weight measured by scale

Air delivery: air company delivers the goods at the airport, clients clear the customs and pick up the goods by themselves at the airport; The fixed value for calculating volume weight(kgs) is 0.006: W*L*H/0.006, (size unit: m). Feature: lower price but longer delivery time

Express delivery: company like DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx etc, delivers the goods to the address of the clients and help to clear the custom if necessary, client just pay some fees(if needed) and receive the parcel at home or office. The fixed value for calculating volume weight(kgs) is 0.005: W*L*H/0.005, (size unit: m). Feature: Higher price but shorter delivery time, convenient.

Let us take some example: suppose the required film size is 900*1000mm(0.9*1m), the outer packing size will be around 1200*430*430mm, the volume weight is about 44.5kgs by express(1.2*0.43*0.43/0.005), and 37kgs by air (1.2*0.43*0.43/0.006), but the actual weight is only 10-15kgs, so the volume weight is larger than actually weight, the 44.5kgs or 37kgs will be the shipping weight when calculate the freight, which is obviously much higher than 10-15kgs cost.

Besides, if the packing length is bigger than 1200mm, there will a additional overlength charges by express company

So from the example, we could know: different film sizes will require different outer packing size, then the shipping cost will be different, bigger films is, higher delivery cost will be.

If the example film size is larger, mainly the width(900mm) of the packing film, the outer package is bigger than 1200mm, the shipping cost will be higher accordingly, more than 44.5kgs or 37kgs.

But actually we have a suggestion to save some freights for clients: With the same carton, we could pack maximum 20mts long film, so if all piece will be the same or less than the size as 900*1000mm, we could put maximum 20pcs(20/1) in the same carton

That means, if clients order more pieces with the same or less than the size 900*1000mm, the shipping cost will be remain the same from 1pcs to 20pcs, which will be more cost-low and reasonable than only 1pcs film sending with the carton.

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