The glass/film will be transparent when power on, opaque when off(normal condition)

Please contact us directly for the OYPDLC products. www.oypdlc.com

The life span for the our PDLC smart film is more than 50000hours for on condition(transparent). Simply suppose 8hours/day keep power on, 50000hours should be 50000/8/365=17years, it means the our PDLC smart film will be working normally at least 17 years.

We could provide multi-color for your choice. Fixed 5 colors for self-adhesive smart film, other color could be customized but need 30sqmt MOQ, check the details: http://oypdlc.com/customized-color-available

Yes, the smart glass is laminated safety glass of non adhesive smart film with PVB/EVA film, but mostly what we will use EVA film for the smart glass lamination to get better lamination result and stability.

No. The self adhesive smart film has the self-adhesive layer already which you could paste onto the existing glass directly without any help of glue.

For smart glass packing, we use export standard safety wooden case

For smart film packing, we use export standard tough carton box+ roller

Check the links for details: http://oypdlc.com/package-of-smart-film-packing-of-smart-glass/

Normally the lead time for smart glass is 12-20 working days; for smart film 5-7working days depending the required glass/film dimensions and quantities. Please send us the size& quantities info to get a quote and estimate the lead time

Electricity consumption: 6W/square meter

Working voltage: 60-65VAC

Welcome to contact us for more technical data of our products

For smart glass 1800mm*3600mm/sheet; for self adhesive smart film 1500mm*3600mm/sheet; for lamination smart film 1800mm*3600mm/sheet

The samples are free for you and you just need to bear the shipping cost

The standard size for film is A5 or A4 paper; for glass A5 or larger(A5-A4), each sample has small power supply with button control on/off

For self adhesive smart film 1500mm*20m/roll

For lamination smart film 1800mm*30m/roll

Actually we could make it longer to 50m/roll or even longer but for safety packing and delivery consideration, we suggest the above roll sizes

If the film is a little bigger than the size you need, you can use a sharp scissors/kinfe to cut off the edge of film, in order to slightly change the size. For large size cutting it’s better to have a special cutting table.

As for installation of the self adhesive film, it’s easy, you can find our video instruction details at :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVnn6_QhGAo&t=20s

In fact the process to make bus-bar is not difficult, but you need practice a lot to obtain more experience of better result. You can also find our video instruction at :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4QwWchxCsUvEDUEWaPwC6Q

For smart glass, normally by sea delivery, some small size order could be available for air cargo delivery if urgent

For smart film, normally by express delivery like DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx etc

Because we need to pack the smart film in stable and safety way with carton box, which will make the package into bulk cargo for shipping cost calculation(Volume weight), so the freight will be higher than charges on actually weight, details please check the link: http://oypdlc.com/why-packing-way-for-switchable-smart-film-will-increase-the-shipping-freight/

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