A6 Size Switchable Glass Sample Kit (Low iron)

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A6 Size Switchable Glass Sample Kit (Low iron)


This is a switchable smart glass sample kit(5+5mm Low iron glass laminated with PDLC film), with simple power cable, you can just plug into 110V/220V AC to test it easily.
Product feature as follow:

  • Power On, it turns Transparent
  • Power Off, it turns Opaque
  • A6 size, thickness 12mm(5+5mm laminating glass)
  • With simple power supply cable, just plug and test
  • Glass type: Low iron glass


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Product Description

The product price is for size A6, including the power supply. If you want to order larger size, please contact our sales person.
Smart glass/film become more and more popular now due to it’s wide application, please see its function as below:
1) Privacy protection:
When power on the smart glass/film is transparent, when power off the smart film is opaque.So you can control your glass between transparent and opaque as your will, to better protect your privacy needs.
2) Projection screen:
Our PDLC smart glass/film can be used as a projection screen when in opaque status, you can put a projector on the back side of the film for rear projection.
3) Safety Protection:
The smart glass is a kind of laminated glass, it is bonded by EVA film closely. Even you broke the glass, the film can avoid the glass flying around and hurt others.
4)Energy Efficient:
Smart glass/film is not just for privacy or sunblock, but is also absorbs UV rays and reflects infrared to keep your room temperature lower and in turn saving you energy.

Package include:
1 * smart glass; 1*power supply
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Additional information

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