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Currently we can supply three type PDLC Smart film/Glass  product, which is Self Adhesive Smart Film, Lamination Smart Film and Switchable Smart Glass, you can find more information about the product below. If you have any question, need a quote or want to get some suggestion about the product, please contact us directly.

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Switchable Smart Glass

BRIEF INTRODUCTION: The switchable smart glass is the end product after lamination with PDLC smart film.  No matter you are end user or factory, you can install it directly like [...]


Lamination Smart Film

BRIEF INTRODUCTION: Non-adhesive smart film is designed to sandwich laminating between glass in order to make smart glass product, it's EVA film lamination process. Material to smart glass, not the end product. Necessary [...]


Self Adhesive Smart Film

BRIEF INTRODUCTION: The self-adhesive smart film is an improved product from the original smart film, with a self-adhesive cling layer on the rear side, you can peel and stick to existing glass [...]


Special Power Supply for smart film

For power the switchable smart film or the switchable glass product, we provide different type of power supply, which will fully meet your different requirement for control the products. Power supply type:  Simple [...]

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