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Project Description

For power the switchable smart film or the switchable glass product, we provide different type of power supply, which will fully meet your different requirement for control the products.

Power supply type:

  1.  Simple power supply (Just a simple transformer, you can integrate with other control way as you like)
  2. Two-way control power supply (Transformer integrate with remote and manual control)
  3. Dimmer control power supply (Transformer integrate with dimmer control device, remote and manual control available)
  4. Multichannel power supply (Transformer integrate with section control device, remote and manual control available)

Simple power supply


Simple power supply

Two-way control power supply


Two-way control power supply(remote and manual)


Dimmer control power supply


Dimmer control power supply


Dimmer control video1

Dimmer control video2

6 channels power supply


Multichannel control power supply


6 channels separately control video1

Multichannel power supply control video2