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The self-adhesive smart film is an improved product from the original smart film, with a self-adhesive cling layer on the rear side, you can peel and stick to existing glass directly.

  • Apply directly to glass, no machinery needed.
  • Self-adhesive, stick directly to existing glass.
  • Removable, easy install and remove.
  • The lead time within 5 work days.

Self adhesive PDLC smart film is manufactured with a self-adhesive cling layer on rear side, you can peel and stick to the existing glass directly, which provides a simple and cost effective alternative way to retrofit your existing glass into switchable smart glass.


Power On: Smart film become transparent
Power Off: Smart film become opaque

Self-adhesive PDLC smart film is an improved product from the non-adhesive PDLC smart film. Which polymer dispersed liquid crystal(PDLC) material inside, through the function of electric fields, can fast switch from the transparent and opaque condition.

Self Adhesive Smart Film Feature

  • Easy Installation: Adhesive smart film does not require you to replace your windows and it can be cut to any size and retrofit onto any existing window or glass surface.
  • Privacy on Demand: You can turn the glass into opaque to protect your privacy. And turn into transparent to extended viewing space.
  • Energy Efficient: Smart film is not just for privacy or sunblock, but is also absorbs UV rays and reflects infrared to keep your room temperature lower and in turn saving you energy.
  • Interactive Projection: Switchable film can work as projection screen when the film is opaque. It can even work as interactive screen if integrate with touch frame system.
  • Multi-purpose Usage: You can use it on any glass surface – in the home, the office or the shop front. Or anywhere else you can think of.
  • Flexible: Smart film can be customized to nonstandard sizes and have uniform opacity when curved.

Self Adhesive Switchable Film Installation Guide:

 Shipping & Payment  Terms:

Packaging Details: Carton Box and paper roll
Delivery Time: 4 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, cash


Optical Properties Parallel Light Transmission ON >81%
OFF <1%
Visual Angle ON 150°
UV Blocking OFF/ON >99%
Haze OFF/ON 94%/6%
Electrical Properties Operating Voltage ON 60VAC
Frequencies ON 50 to 60Hz
Current 100mA/m2 100mA/m2
Response Time ON==>OFF 10ms
OFF==>ON 200ms
Power Consumption ON 5W/m2/hr
Specification Durable Temperature -30°C to 100°C
Life Time >50000hr
Thickness 0.5mm
You can install the switchable Smart Glass at Office, Hotel, KTV, Residence, Car, Shopping mall, Hospital, Projection application, etc


One more important function is that self-adhesive smart film could be used as perfect rear projection film. See below the schematic for rear projection:

Benefits Of Self-Adhesive Smart Film in Projection

  • Drawing attention for AD (Tradeshow Booths, Bars, Clubs, etc)
  • Rear projection film display screen(in frosted status)
  • Holographic film displays (when transparent)

1. Q: What geographical region does OYPDLC serve?
A: The whole world.

2. Q: Can the smart film be used in doors?
A: Yes, for example: Frameless doors, sliding doors etc.

3. Q: Can it be drilled holes?
A: Yes, we can make holes as you request, and you can also cut holes using a sharp knife.

4. Q: How to control the film in Transparent or opaque status? Can use dimmer to contrl the transparency of the film?
A: The film will become transparent when power on, and become opaque when power off. And yes we can supply dimmer control device, then you can dimmer control the transparency of the smart film.

5. Q: What’s the working voltage of the film? How’s the electric consumption?
A: The working voltage of the film is 48V-60V AC, we will provide the transformer to change your household voltage to the voltage. The consumption of the film is about 5Watt per square meter film.

6. Q: Can we install this product ourselves?
A: Yes, the install process is similar to ordinary window films. Except for it’s dry installation, glass need to be dry when paste the film.

7. Q: Do I need glue to apply the self-adhesive smart film to glass?
A: No. The self-adhesive smart film has the self-adhesive layer already, which you could paste onto the existing glass directly without any help of glue. You can use glass silicone to seal the film edge to better protect the edge.

8. Q: We need special skills and tools for install the self-adhesive smart film? Need a profession people?
A: In fact, the installation of the self-adhesive smart film is easy, if you need, we can provide you the installation instruction document and the video guide for you, please contact our sales person to get it.

9. Q: We can cut the smart film or need special machine?
A: If the film is a little bigger than the size you need, you can use a sharp scissors/kinfe to cut off the edge of film, then you can slightly change the size to your requirement. For large size, it’s better to have a cutting table.

10. Q: Can we install this film on top part of the glass only?
A: Yes, you can install on top half or bottom half of the glass, just be careful for the wiring.

11. Q: What’s the lead time of the self-adhesive smart film?
A: For smart film, usually lead time is about 5 working days depending on the required glass/film dimensions and quantities. Please send us the size& quantities information to get a quote and estimate the more exact lead time.

12. Q: What’s the shipping way for the product?
A: For smart film, normally send by express, like DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx etc.