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Turn your glass from transparent to opaque with the flick of a switch

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Specialists In Switchable Smart Glass

Switchable glass has a wide range of applications. It can be used at hotels, offices, banks, villas, private clubs, control rooms and other places you want privacy.


Bring you an easy-control space. Improving enterprise image, security, and privacy. Creating a high elegant business atmosphere.

Artfully Crafted

Remote control the glass into transparent or opaque status at your demand, provide you controllable privacy.

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Installing at hotel shower room, it enhances delight & joy of life and builds elegant & romantic atmosphere for the guest.

Freshly New

The application is truly making “light moves with your heart” by adjusting the light as your own will, enhancing life experience.

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As the replacement of curtains, switchable glass is safety, sound-insulation, easy clean and has better environment-protecting.

Perfect Lives

Achieving high privacy protection and safety, eliminating worries and pressure for both health care workers and patients.

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Smart film can be as in rear projection screen. Can apply at bank teller window, car window, exhibition hall or shopping mall windows.

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Apply at different industries, such as building curtain wall, service window, smart home system, transport facility and so on.

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Smart Glass & Smart Film

Currently, we can supply both the smart glass or smart film product for you, include Switchable smart glass, PDLC smart film(for lamination), Self-adhesive smart film.


Switchable Smart Glass

BRIEF INTRODUCTION: The switchable smart glass is the end product after lamination with PDLC smart film.  No matter you are [...]


Lamination Smart Film

BRIEF INTRODUCTION: Non-adhesive smart film is designed to sandwich laminating between glass in order to make smart glass product, it's EVA film lamination [...]


Self Adhesive Smart Film

BRIEF INTRODUCTION: The self-adhesive smart film is an improved product from the original smart film, with a self-adhesive cling layer on the [...]


Switchable glass advantage

The are many advantages when using our switchable smart glass. Such as, it is good for partition space, provide you controllable privacy.  It can be used as a projection screen. What’s more, it’s energy saving, only consume 5 Watt per square meter.

Smart Glass Inspiring Spaces

Switchable glass enhance your space feeling, bring you easy-control space in life.


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