Switchable smart glass trends in recent years

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Switchable smart glass trends in recent years

With the development of economy, well-off life is enjoyed by everyone.When food and clothing problem is solved, people has an increase demand for a high standard quality of life. Now even the ordinary people, not those millionaires any more, has higher certain request on the construction design of the house. They want upscale standard, and need very beautiful… This great change have lead to a major breakthrough for the building materials industry, now we talk about a science and technology intelligent combination products: Switchable smart glass.


Switchable Smart Glass also call Privacy Glass, electric privacy glass for window, electronic privacy glass, Functional Glass, Privacy glass, privacy glass for partition, glass for window and door, Smart glass electric switchable glass for Door, Smart Glass Office partitions, Switchable Electrochromic Glass.The Switchable smart glass is composed with one sheet Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC film) and double tempering glass then lamination under high-pressure & high-temperature.

The mainly function part is the PDLC film, which is made of two layers of transparent conductive coating films sandwiched with Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) material. It is also called Smart Glass Film, Switchable Smart Film, Privacy Glass Film, PDLC Film, Magic Glass Film, Electronic Film etc.

On natural condition(power off), the arrangement of the liquid crystal inside the glass is ruleless, the refractive index of liquid crystal is lower than the polymer outside, incident light scatters on the polymer, which is milk-white, means opaque. When power on, the liquid drop of the polymer with liquid crystal dispersion will rearrange, the liquid crystal will change from ruleless arrangement to ordered arrangement, which makes the same refractive index of the liquid crystal and the polymer, so incident light can pass through completely to form transparent condition.

Now switchable smart glass can be used as a projection screen when in power status, you can put image on it. That means when your use smart glass on your windows or partition, you need it transparent, then you can connect to power. Then the glass become transparent clear, you can see through it and get a better view about the whole office or the scenery outside the windows.

Switchable smart glass can apply in the majority of the people’s favorite area. Such as Commercial building offices, shopping malls and large compartment, luxury hotel equipment field… In ther future, switchable smart glass not only brings a wealth of benefit effects to the property or building, but also bring the magic and mystery visual sense to experiencer.

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