Excellent waterproof performance

2017-05-26T14:57:52+08:00 July 9th, 2016|News|

Waterproof is the one of the big highlights of OYPDLC film, which is mainly used in shower room partition. Without outstanding waterproof property, it has no guarantee for switchable smart film in different weather environment.. OYPDLC film could ensure in perfect condition even when be soaked in water for several months or used in fully [...]

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Switchable smart glass trends in recent years

2017-05-26T14:59:13+08:00 July 5th, 2016|News|

With the development of economy, well-off life is enjoyed by everyone.When food and clothing problem is solved, people has an increase demand for a high standard quality of life. Now even the ordinary people, not those millionaires any more, has higher certain request on the construction design of the house. They want upscale standard, and [...]

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Bending switchable smart glass in shower rooms

2017-05-26T15:18:10+08:00 April 5th, 2016|News|

Application: Stars hotel shower room Switchable smart glass shower room applications: Smart switchable glass has both transparent and privacy-protecting function, it could re-connect the separate space instantly, remaining the space interaction and consistency, besides, space beautifying and layering are available as well. In most of time, switchable smart glass usually is in flat panel, but [...]

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