Privacy Glass in Hongkong modern office Liufu mountain

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Privacy Glass in Hongkong modern office Liufu mountain

Switchable Privacy Glass in Hongkong modern office

Project time: November. 2016

Location: Liufu mountain, Hongkong city/district

Products: Switchable smart glass/Privacy glass

Application: Office wall/partition/project screen

At the end of last month(December), we OYPDLC have just finished installed the new project in one modern office locating in Liufu mountain, Hongkong city/district.

What is switchable privacy glass?

Switchable privacy glass is a kind of glass laminated with the switchable smart film, then can reach a function as below:

Power on: Switchable privacy glass become transparent, you can see through the glass
Power off: Switchable privacy glass become opaque, you can not see through the glass, which will provide you privacy

With this function, you can power on or power off to control the transparency of the switchable glass as you need. When you need privacy, then turn off the power, when need see through the glass, then power on. The power consumption is only 5W/square meter, it’s a very low energy consumption product.

Let us see the video and pictures for the privacy glass after installation:

We could see the whole atmosphere with warm yellow light combining with the light yellow wooden floor, brings us a home-warm feel. This will provide comfortable and relax feeling for the office staff who is going to work here. You can see in video very high transparency of switchable privacy glass when power on. The yellow light tone will make the glass less haze redcuing the scattering effect with the PDLC film. That is why the privacy glass will perform very well in many hotels project and other place where the light will be more warm color. If you like, please refer another of our project with similar environment.
On the contrary, the haze will be more clearly if the environment with strong white light, which will enhance the haze effect, especially the glass wall facing to the sun.
To get a better transparency of switchable smart film/glass, we could give some advices based on your special architectural style, welcome to consult with us

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